“Gadzooks! It’s a catastrophe,” proclaimed the President of the Royal Astrology Society “ These Northern stars are reaching their use by date! We need to find, new stellar bodies immediately. “What about Oztralia?” An anxious member interrupted, thus, the very handsome and brave Captain B.Y. Crikey was commissioned to set forth in the HMS Fair DinkumCobber. Six chunderous years later he landed on the shores of Terra Australis. Loads of original inhabitants were happy to share their knowledge of the Southern Heavens that had guided their fortunes since time began. “Behold, with all these Australian animal constellations. we can accurately predict the future. This is a remarkable discovery. Oztrology will save the world.”

Thank your lucky stars you too have discovered Oztrology. In your hands now are the secrets of the future. Be bold; Find your Oztrology destiny year and that of the fortunate person who will receive your marvellous Oztrology card
Then act with haste; take it to the counter while providence still shines on you.

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